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So last week my dog got out of our fenced in back yard.  How, you say? Well, I set out to find out. We only have a 4 foot chain link fence and we have a black lab.  Our lab is only 2 years old and the reality is that she is still very playful being a puppy and all.  We waited and waited and finally she went over to the fence, stood up, put her front legs on top of the fence and climbed up the fence like a kid would and hopped over.

Ha.  Well so we decided to put in a nice 6 foot cedar privacy fence from a fence installation company in Brooklyn park and it went very well.  They came out, measured and gave us a per foot price that seemed reasonable.  They were able to get the old fence out and put the new one in over 3 days and it looks amazing.  I would definitely recommend them although there are probably lots of companies that could do a fine job.

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Gamer Problems

Have you ever got done with a marathon gamer session where you have not gotten up for several hours and noticed that your neck or back are just ruined?  Me too.  It sucks.  While I should probably look into getting a more ergonomically correct chair, this is what it is.

Last Thursday I woke up after going to sleep immediately after a long gaming session and needed my wife to help me put my socks on.  How ridiculous is that?  I have never really been a believer in chiropractors but my wife goes to one all the time and made me go in for an appointment.  Long story short, I may have changed my mind about them.  The Chiropractors at Finish Line were able to get me moving again and even gave me some basic stretches to do every once in a while during my gaming sessions to help me not get into this position in the first place.  If you need a Savage Chiropractic Clinic you should definitely reach out to them.  They are highly recommended by me.

Here is a funny picture of someone else who probably needs a chiropractor.

Might need a doctor


The other night as I was heading from looking at houses in Shakopee to Canterbury Downs card room I found out that there were some storms coming in.  We had just almost 3 straight weeks of rain and have seen tons of flooding etc from that, however, it didn’t seem to generate a lot of business.  The hail storms and damage will generate a lot of business for local construction and roofing companies.

As soon as the hail started falling facebook blew up with tons of photos of the hail.  Some are here below.Hail 1

Or you can check this Lakeville roofing contractor video.

The storm chasing or storm damage repair industry is huge and drives hundreds of local businesses and tens of thousands of local employees so this is a great thing for the local south metro economy and will have a positive impact on everything from average home values ( when hundreds of homes get new exteriors their values go up) to increased flow of money to the local businesses and employees in the area.

With it also come some negatives.  Many of us don’t like it when a stranger comes to our door to sell us something.  This is increased when large national construction companies send their representatives from around the country into our neighborhoods to canvas and try to drum up business because of the storms.

What can we do to combat this?  Be careful who you work with.  Are they local?  Will they be around next year or did they just come to town for the storm?  While they are large national outfits- they often times have no presence in the area of the storm a year later so if you run into an issue with the craftsmanship or materials used on your roof you may have a tough time getting anyone to pay attention to it at their home office because it costs more money to come out from their location thousands of miles away to fix it than they made on the job.

Work with qualified local companies.

End of Rant.

Minneapolis Contractors Go Online

At Absolute Dominance we specialize in SEO for contractors. With over a decade of experience our founder Steve Johnson became publically recognized in Bloomberg’s Business Magazine. He built his company on values including integrity, honesty, and a drive for success that was unparalleled in the industry of S.E.O. for contractors. With these values in place and the expertise of getting the job done in the most cost effective way, the company began to grow. In the beginning it was all local clients, but with the reputation and referrals of other companies, Absolute Dominance branched out across the United States and into some providences of Canada. Taking companies that wanted to grow organically and inorganically was the dream to take them to the pinnacle of success. When ranking a contractors company and generating new business for them is the most gratifying thing Steve would say. To walk them threw the growing pains of being a small business owner to transforming them into a solidified juggernaut in there industry gives you an overwhelming feeling of success. Now in the tenth year of business Steve was able to higher one of the most sought after salesman in the Midwest. Now they are able to target a variety of other industries with the same amount of success he had with contractors. Everything from personal injury attorneys, mortgage companies, dentist, chiropractors to a plethora over other fields. Now with the business in automatic mode Steve is able to take his three beautiful children and one adopted child to Disney land once a month. He also takes his wife out of the country once a month to the destination of her choosing. The thing Steve always like to quote is work hard play hard. If needing a online marketing consultant that gets the job done right and in a studious fashion, look no further than Absolute Dominance Marketing.

Driveway Rescue

When I first decided to put a retaining wall in my front yard I figured I could do it myself.  Boy am I glad that I didn’t.  Devine Design Landscaping in Rosmount, MN was a great help.  Once I realized how much work dealing with patio pavers and getting them to all sit right and prepping the site were- hiring Paul was a no brainer.  His attention to detail is unsurpassed and you really cannot beat the price.

I would say that most people should not be doing their own home improvements because quite frankly, we just don’t know the ins and outs like a professional does.  In this case- understanding the layout of the yard and what we needed for codes and how it was going to prep the driveway were things I would have probably messed up.

Since we had the retaining wall installed we have had several compliments from friends and neighbors and are thinking about adding a patio paver patio in the back yard and maybe even a fire pit.

Thanks Paul!!

Roofing company in Lakeville

The only people who like major storms are meteorologists and roofers.  Meteorologists like it because it validates their paycheck.  Roofers like it because it creates their paycheck.


Many people don’t realize that when hail hits your roof it can cause damage that would require it to be fully replaced.  They also don’t realize that it could be paid for by their insurance company.

Even small roofing companies can make hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in a year with a big storm.

Roofing Lakeville, MN is a company in the south metro that may have that happen this year because of the storm last August.

A great find in the heart of Burnsville

If you are looking for a great dental practice in the heart of Burnsville then Oak Ridge Dental fits the bill.

They provide Cosmetic Dentistry as well as General and family dentistry and have combined been practicing over thirty five years.  Dr. James Horst and Dr. Jeffrey Olson and their team treat you like you are family in their state of the art facility.

Oak Ridge Dental


Burnsville Dentist, Jeff Olson is a graduate of the School of Dentistry at the University of Minnesota. He is also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.